Booty Bible: 4 Week Gym Work Out E-Book

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Hey MAMAS! Do you have a gym membership or are planning to get one? Are you confused on where to start or how to keep progressing in the gym? If that is the case then the gym guide is FOR YOU! It does not only serve as a good foundation to any beginner, but it is also challenging for those already at the gym.

I remember going to the gym for the first time and being completely lost to what exercises to  do and that came with embarrassment as well. Do not fear though, the BOOTY BIBLE is here hehehe! This guide is 4 weeks worth of my own gym routines that avoid all the rookie mistakes I committed in the beginning of my fitness journey. It takes away that sensation of feeling “lost” at the gym, setting you up for success. It is designed to not only develop muscle mass but to also develop strength as the program progresses. At the end of this program weights will become your best friends! Lifting does not make you “bulky”, but it sure makes that booty POP. Be ready for the pump! :)