Home Grown-4 Week Home Edition

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Hey MAMAS! Many people love to workout from the comfort of their home for multiple reasons. Some for convenience, others try to become more comfortable with exercises before stepping into the gym, or even because of lock down. Whatever the reason is I’m SUPER PROUD of you for deciding to stay active!! 

This program is 4 weeks of pure dedication and booty gains. Does it work as good as the gym version? Yes! As long as you are ready to push yourself in every exercise, you will get the results you wish for! What this program needs in order to achieve those glorious results is a booty band and ankle weights (5-8 lbs) as long as form is performed correctly in every exercise.

I also started my journey working out from home, back when I begged to get a gym membership from my parents. I had to work with what I had hehehe! This program is a bit different from the gym version but soooo worth it! Good luck with the BURN! You’ll hate me but love me once the results kick in! <3