For The Foodies: Meal Plan E-Book

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For some contex, I was also once quite thin, only weighing in at 108lbs at the beginning of my journey. I was not even aware that there was such a thing as a "healthy way" of gaining weight. Its mainly common to talk about weight loss within the fitness industry and there seems to be a gap of information when trying to gain weight in a healthy manner. Therefore, I began to research and watch plenty of youtubers to try and get an idea of HOW to gain some healthy weight. Most of these same people would talk in such a complex way about fitness that made me not understand a lot of what they were trying to say. They would use fancy words that would make me get lost in their explanation and make me lose interest quickly... From reading articles, even more videos, conversating with gym rats, and my own trial and errors, I progressively started to change my own body into what I wanted.

This meal plan is foundation to what I have learned over the years and have found best to work to healthily gain weight. It is a simplified guide to how I would of wished someone had explained to me this "fitness thing", without all the fancy wording. Fitness is not hard, people make it hard! I hope you come out of this guide understanding a little more about how our bodies work and that a healthy life style is about balance!