New Year, Better Me Challenge! (GYM VERSION)

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This is a new year so let’s make a better you! Welcome to the gym version of this New Year’s challenge. I hope you are ready to give it your all, get stronger together, and tone up just a tad before the summer!

What this challenge requires is a gym membership that has all the basic equipment found in a commercial gym. If your gym does not have some of the equipment mentioned don’t be scared to get creative as we will be mentioning other methods of hitting the same muscle with different machines.

This challenge is perfect for those getting comfortable with using different machines that they are not used to on the daily basis, or simply new to the gym as a whole. These next four weeks will help with toning and growing muscle through out the whole body. It requires 5 days a week of your time, still leaving room for rest periods as it’s essential for recovery. If you have a gym membership, a body, and some will power to get toned, this is perfect for you!